1 photoshoot 3 looks

I often get asked which style I prefer, and the truth is, I think they all have a charm.  When you take classic pictures, I find that close up portraits work best.

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Classic pictures focuses mainly on the subject.  It is advisable to wear neutral clothing or more classical timeless outfits.  And that for the same reason, to not take away focus of the subject.
When you go for the white look, anything goes, as its simple you can go with simplistic or more fun colours.  insert pic of plane
Printed backdrops are popular and gets used for 1 or 2 children (3 or more goes too but then you see less of the background).  Kids especially like the CANDY backdrop as it looks very realistic and gets them to smile 🙂 more -insert pic of background.
Whatever you decide, or if you don’t know what to decide.  Best to come prepared and decide before your shoot. I am happy to assist you and guide you. 

x, Nechama

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